Exclusive Excerpt From Buried Alive

Posted Jan 7 2018, 5:33 pm

The countdown is on (5 days)! Want a taste of the book now? An exclusive excerpt from Buried Alive!

“He flattened into me, pressing our bodies together. I bit back the slight groan in my throat, my breasts tightening as his chest brushed against them.

“That’s why you should walk away from both of us.” His eyes burned with desire, his mouth only a hair away from mine. Neither of us moved. The alcohol in my body blurred every logical thought. One hand eased off my arm, tracing over my collarbone, following the line of my top. The tip of his finger dragging over my skin was so hot it could have burned a hole through me. My chest moved up and down frantically, but it didn’t stop him. He tracked over the top of one breast, following the cut of my shirt. He stopped at the bottom of the V. My head spun, my body quaked, and my skin felt damp with perspiration.

“What is it about you?” he whispered as his body loomed over mine, capturing it within his presence.
“What do you mean?” I took a deep breath as his hands started to move up the other side, barely touching me, but it felt similar to an electric shock.

“I mean.” He pushed harder into me, need bursting through me like a tsunami. “There is something about you.” His mouth dipped closer. “Familiar. As if I know you.”

My head jerked, my eyes meeting his. “You…you don’t.” Get away, Hannah. Run.

Not one muscle reacted to my order, as though he had enchanted me in place.

Rhy’s hand slipped up to my neck, his thumb running up the middle, tipping my head back. He was so close I could feel his lips almost graze mine.”

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