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All My Books In Kindle Unlimited!

Posted Mar 18 2020

It’s a tough time right now and sadly, I think it might get worse before it gets better. Yesterday, I made a decision to try to help where I could to lessen the load…Spread kindness and hopefully a little joy.
During this time this virus is wreaking havoc over this world and more and more of us are at home. Possibly our only escape is through a book.
20.5 books are now at your fingertips! Your Survival Guide!
(Darkness>Collector>Lightness Saga are connected!)

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Pre-Order Royal Watch Today!

Posted Mar 5 2020

Royal Watch and Royal Command, an all-new sexy, suspenseful royal romance duet releasing April 8th and May 13th!

Pre-Order Royal Watch Today!

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There are many stories about regular girls meeting a prince, falling in love, and living happily ever after…blah, blah, blah.

This is not that story.

As a lowly Baron’s daughter, I sit on the outskirts of the noble circle, watching the royal family from afar. Exactly where I’d rather be. To me that world was anything but magical or fantasy, their lives under a relentless microscope, controlled by traditions and expectations. I was the girl dreaming about becoming a veterinarian and surrounding myself with animals instead of people.

A wallflower who suddenly bloomed, I somehow nabbed the attention of the arrogant, but undeniably handsome, Theodore Alexander Philip Robert David Livingston.

The Prince of Great Victoria.

I never imagined falling in love with a prince, but I did.

When Theo comes back from the Royal Air Force with an extremely sexy, but extremely arrogant new bodyguard, Lennox Easton, everything is flipped upside down. Tattooed, mysterious, and cruel, our mutual hatred for each becomes even more complicated when I move into the palace, becoming the official girlfriend of Prince Theo, and now under Lennox’s watch.

Thrown in a society which controls my every move, social media viciously coming after me, and paparazzi looking for any juicy gossip, my world becomes a cage. Glided or not, my life becomes nothing like I imagined, I find myself turning to the very last person I should.

When family secrets start to surface from the past, old enemies come for revenge, along with black mail, forbidden love, and devastating revelations.

Everything is set to bring me down and even take my life.

I knew loving a prince would come with sacrifices, but when you give up everything …when does the fairytale become a nightmare?

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Winterland Tales Are Now Wide!

Posted Feb 24 2020

Winterland Tales Are Now Available Everywhere!!

This mad tale is dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

“Scrooge. Please.” I grabbed for his hand, flattening it on my chest. A deep moan burst from me. His touch was magic.

“Jesus,” he rumbled under his breath, his chest heaving as his hands moved down me. His words licked me with heat, but his hands abated the torture incinerating me.

Moooorrreee.” His fingers were heaven where he skimmed them over my skin, but it would flare up the moment they moved on. “Please. More.” I weakly tugged at his jacket as a haze started to blur my vision.

He made a deep noise in his chest; the color of his eyes almost looked black. “You are really trying to test me, Ms. Liddell.”

He leaned his head back, sucking in a deep breath before he tugged off his velvet coat, his fingers working down his sullied button-down dress shirt. “This doesn’t make me like you or trust you.”


Continue reading!

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Darkness of Light is 7 yrs old!

Posted Feb 13 2020

7 years ago today a little book called Darkness of Light was released and changed my life…

You can grab it free and start the journey through 3 connected series (13.5 books)!

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Look back at 2019.

Posted Dec 28 2019

A look back at 2019. Not as much as I would have liked to have written, but hopefully 2020 will be more prolific!

Let’s hope 2020 is a FAR BETTER year for not only the writing world, but the world in general….full of hope, love, and kindness.

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Posted Dec 2 2019


Step into this enemies to lovers, smouldering sports romance. It will melt the snow under your feet!

“The darkness he kept hidden inside wound around mine and grazed my insides like fingers, as though we both could sense each other’s likeness. And wanted more.
“I don’t want Carrie.” He stepped even closer, snarling. “And I don’t want to leave you alone.”
“Yeah, you do,” I whispered, breath frantic, my chest heaving.
“Why?” He pressed into me, whisking my logic away.
“It’s going to have to be better than that.”
“You’re much younger than me.” My reasoning was thin as parchment.
“Seriously?” His nose swept up, his teeth grazing my ear. “I think having a younger guy in your bed is a perk. We can be incredibly vigorous and relentless in the pursuit of pleasure. Especially yours.”

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Free & Kindle Unlimited Books!

Posted Dec 1 2019


No crowds when you stay home, snuggle in, and escape to another world!

KU books:

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Release Day is here!! Ascending From Madness is Live!

Posted Nov 4 2019


Holy muchness!!!

Ascending From Madness is LIVE!



↳ RELEASE PARTY | NOVEMBER 13 | BestSeller & BestStellar Party Room:

  • • •  ABOUT THE BOOK • • •

Your holiday season is about to get deliciously naughty!

The bad boys and girls of the Winterland are back for the conclusion of Alice and Scrooge’s story. This tale is mad, dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

Life for Alice Liddell should be normal. Work, family, and her general sucky life back at her parent’s house, working as a slutty-looking elf in Santa’s shop. But from the moment Alice wakes up from a terrible fevered dream, nothing feels ordinary. 

With visions of strange creatures, an obsession with creating top hats until her hands bleed, and an inexplicable attraction to her married neighbor, Matt, she feels like she’s going crazy.

When her illusions of twin elves, singing penguins, and sexy reindeer start to turn into full-blown hallucinations, her family feels they have no choice but to find her help.

Her therapist is Matt’s wife, Jessica Winters, someone Alice feels in her gut she shouldn’t trust. But he more Alice loses her touch on reality, the more her parents turn to Jessica.

In one night, Alice loses everything, landing her in an insane asylum where she learns Jessica is not at all who she seems. As Alice’s mind cracks further, her visions feel more like memories. 

She’s in a fight for her life against the mad ruler of the institution. Except who will believe her? She’s the insane one, the one who gets visits by ghosts of holiday icons.

But one thing good about going mad? In some places being bonkers is exactly what you need…

To ascend from the madness.

* * * *

Not sure if this is a book for you?
Check out the FIRST CHAPTER here:



2 Day Countdown!! Ascending From Madness!

Posted Nov 2 2019


Are you ready to fall down the reindeer hole! Sexy, twisted, funny, and seriously mad!

Grab it now for $1 off!!



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Final FREE Day- Descending Into Madness!

Posted Nov 2 2019

BROKE 100 In ALL of Kindle!! Let’s keep lowering that number!!


Descending Into Madness will be FREE on Amazon November 1st & 2nd! Grab it while you can! Help me get it to #1! Love the shares!

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