The Fall of the King (Lightness Saga #3)

About the Book

There is nothing the Unseelie King can’t acquire. That is until he meets Fionna Cathbad, a fierce Druid, who won’t bow to anyone. Especially Lars. The Demon King has every right to kill her. Her treasonous acts against the crown are undisputable. But she is the key to the one thing he wants more than anything: the Cauldron of Dagda. A powerful treasure that no fae, even the King, should possess. To get what he wants, Lars discovers the very thing that forces Fionna to help him. This leads them down a treacherous path because it’s not only Fionna who is deceiving him. His own mind is starting to turn on him, twisting his sanity, and releasing the demon he keeps pinned up. As old ghosts and new foes step into this game, Lars needs to find the cauldron before all is lost. His kingdom and himself.