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What do you get when you put drunk pixies, a high imp, narcoleptic monkey (and his stuffed goat), a grouchy raven, and a Brownie trying to direct them all?
Utter chaos.
Join Opie, Bitzy, Cal, Simmons, Grimmel, and Sprig in a production of “The Christmas Carol”…or it would be if they could get that far. Nothing but drama ensues when these sub-faes come together!
Prepare to get Screw-ged…

**Please note this is a VERY SHORT story, which was just a bonus scene in the back of Badlands. I wanted to make it available this holiday season to everyone who adores the much beloved sidekicks from the Darkness, Collector, Lightness, and Savage Lands Series (all these series are from the same fae world).