Wild Lands Excerpt!

“Fuck, Kovacs.” His gritty voice dragged over my body, yanking me out of the last bit of oblivion. My eyes opened with a start, my spine knocking against the tub as a man crawled over me.
His severe energy punched my chest with a gasp. As if I had been asleep for weeks, the hit of adrenaline burst through my veins, everything in me screaming with both life and death. Peace and violence. Lust and abhorrence. Calm and terror.
His long, dark lashes lifted to mine, pinning me in place, his face only inches from mine. The weight of his physique, his skin touching mine, his wet clothes rubbing against my mostly naked figure was so real.
“Getting into fights again, Kovacs?” he rumbled, his thumb passing over my cheek, his lids flinching as if he experienced the pain I should have felt from his touch. But there was only warmth. Fear blocked out everything other than my pounding heart. How was this possible? Was he actually here? Was I dreaming?
“Can’t leave you alone for a moment.” He smirked, his lids narrowing on me. “Even got Killian wrapped around your finger.” His hand trailed between my breasts, over my stomach, gliding over my underwear, tracing over my folds. I inhaled sharply, my hips reacting without thought, seeking the unbelievable pleasure from his simple touch. “I told you. Your life is mine. I own you…and I own this.” He rubbed harder, my lids fluttering, my mouth gasping.
“Fuck you. You betrayed me.” Anger and desire choked my throat, my voice low and tight. “And I told you. No one owns me.”
“Really?” He snorted. “Look around you, Kovacs. You are someone’s pet. Soon you will have a shiny collar to match.”
I snarled, but my body behaved in opposition to my hate, tilting into his touch.
“Time to stop playing house, Kovacs.” He grunted into my ear, pressing his erection into me, his mouth grazing my neck. “Be ready… It’s all about to go to hell…in three, two, one…”
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