Winterland Tales Are Now Wide!

Winterland Tales Are Now Available Everywhere!!

This mad tale is dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

“Scrooge. Please.” I grabbed for his hand, flattening it on my chest. A deep moan burst from me. His touch was magic.

“Jesus,” he rumbled under his breath, his chest heaving as his hands moved down me. His words licked me with heat, but his hands abated the torture incinerating me.

Moooorrreee.” His fingers were heaven where he skimmed them over my skin, but it would flare up the moment they moved on. “Please. More.” I weakly tugged at his jacket as a haze started to blur my vision.

He made a deep noise in his chest; the color of his eyes almost looked black. “You are really trying to test me, Ms. Liddell.”

He leaned his head back, sucking in a deep breath before he tugged off his velvet coat, his fingers working down his sullied button-down dress shirt. “This doesn’t make me like you or trust you.”


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